Heating Film Accessories: Enhancements for Your Heating System

Thermal Adhesive Tapes

Thermal adhesive tapes are ideal for the installation of your heating film. They provide secure adhesion and allow for even heat distribution. Additionally, they simplify installation on various surfaces and ensure optimal performance.

Reflectors and Thermal Insulation

Maximize the efficiency of your heating system with reflectors and thermal insulation. Reflectors help direct heat to the desired area, while thermal insulation prevents heat loss and increases the energy efficiency of your heating film.

Installation Kits

Simplify the installation of your heating film with complete kits that include all the necessary accessories. These kits ensure a quick and easy installation, allowing you to enjoy a warm and comfortable environment promptly.


Explore our range of heating film accessories and discover how you can enhance and customize your infrared heating system. Optimize energy efficiency and enjoy a warm atmosphere in your home or office with these specialized additions.