At Eurotokk LTD, we pride ourselves on distributing high-quality products that have been extensively tested in the market. Despite their durability, in exceptional circumstances, products may have manufacturing defects. In this section, we will explain when the warranty applies and how to request it.

7.1. Warranty for Parts and Electronic Components

During the warranty period, Eurotokk LTD guarantees the replacement of parts and electronic components on all machines supplied by our company. However, this warranty does not cover natural wear parts or those damaged due to lack of maintenance, cleaning, or improper use of the machine.

7.2. Duration of Warranty

The warranty period varies for each product, and the term is specified in the warranty sheet corresponding to each item.

7.3. Warranty Handling

To manage the warranty, the consumer and user must contact Eurotokk LTD. Some manufacturers directly manage breakdowns/defects/incidents of their products. In this case, the customer can choose to send the product directly to the manufacturer’s technical service at no additional cost. The defective product must be sent to the technical service with a detailed report of the reason for the shipment. Failure to indicate any defect may result in the return of the product without the right to future claims. Warranty processing must follow the instructions provided by Eurotokk LTD upon request, through the corresponding email info@eurotokk.com.

7.4. Consumer Rights

The consumer has the right to complain to the seller in the following cases:

  • When the product does not match the description provided by the seller.
  • If the product is not suitable for the normal uses of similar consumer products.
  • When the product is not suitable for a specific use agreed upon with the seller.
  • If the product does not meet the expected quality and performance, according to the public statements made by the seller or the manufacturer.

7.5. Customer and User Options

The customer and user have the following options:

  • Repair or Replacement: The customer can choose between repair or replacement of the product unless this is impossible or disproportionate. It will be considered disproportionate if the cost exceeds the purchase price. However, non-fungible products cannot be replaced.
  • Both repair and replacement must be carried out within a reasonable period and at no additional cost to the consumer.

7.6. Warranty Shipping Costs

The shipping costs generated by warranty processing will be covered by Eurotokk LTD in cases where the lack of conformity is found in the purchased good. This must be done following the instructions provided by Eurotokk LTD through a prior request and acceptance, usually via the corresponding email.

7.7. Warranty Cancellations

The warranty may be voided in the following situations:

  • Incorrect use, handling, or maintenance by the Customer.
  • Software issues and/or viruses.
  • Components damaged by power surges or electrical overcurrents.
  • Broken or damaged components due to impacts.
  • Incorrect repair, modification, or extension by the customer.
  • Deterioration, removal, or concealment of the warranty label from Eurotokk LTD or the manufacturer.

In summary, damaged products or evidence of improper handling will not be accepted.

7.8. Warranty Exclusions

Excluded from the warranty are:

  • Defects and damages caused by external factors, accidents, primarily electrical accidents, normal wear and tear, and non-compliant use according to the instructions of Eurotokk LTD.
  • Products modified or repaired by the customer or any person not authorized by Eurotokk LTD.
  • Incorrect configuration/installation by the customer of equipment.
  • Incorrect configuration or breakdown in equipment caused by equipment or accessory not provided by Eurotokk LTD and incorporated by the customer.
  • Computer virus infection by the customer.