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KIT Infrared Heating film Warcoim Milky white 180 W/m² - 50cm

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Infrared Heating Film Warmcoin Milky white 180W/m² and Installation Kit. Incorporates advanced technology and is easy to install at an affordable cost. Width: 50cm. Coated with polyethylene film to ensure durability, safety, and efficiency of the system.

Film length, m Area, m² Mounting kit, units Double insulated connecting cable
3 1,5 2 5
4 2 2 5
5 2,5 2 10
6 3 3 10
8 4 3 10
10 5 4 15
12 6 4 20
15 7,5 5 20
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  • Model: Warmcoin Milky white 180
  • Power: 180W/m2 (±10%)
  • Operating: 230V
  • Efficiency: heating power is 1008 W per 5.6 sq.m.
  • Coating: polyethylene
  • Film Width: 50cm
  • Film Thickness: 0,338 mm
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 years
  • Durability: 15 years

Product description

The Warmcoin Milky White 180W/m² infrared heating film is developed based on innovative thermal film technology and is ideal for heating various spaces. It is manufactured in one of the top factories in South Korea. This model is perfect for those seeking an efficient heating option without significant investment.

It is installed under laminate, linoleum, parquet and carpet, on a furniture-free area. Suitable for various rooms, except for those with high humidity.

Cuts and Dimensions

  • Width: 50 cm.
  • Power: 180 W/m2 (±10%).

Why do they choose Warmcoin film warm floor?

  • Modern technology: The electric warm floor has unique heating carbon strips. Their width is 19 mm, which exceeds the majority of heating films on the market and provides more uniform and rapid heating, high protection against spark formation. Infrared radiation evenly distributes heat, creating comfort and coziness without drying out the air.
  • Safety: A special layer of laminations made of high-strength polymer protects against moisture penetration and external damage.
  • Simplicity of installations: Thanks to the possibility to cut the film with an interval of 25 cm, installation becomes even more convenient, and the minimum thickness of 0.338 mm does not increase the height of the floor covering. The sequence of installation of the warm floor differs depending on the type of floor covering.
  • Long service life: An infrared heated floor will serve you for at least 15 years, while saving energy!

Functions of the polyethylene coating

The polyethylene film, which covers the film warm floor before laying the finishing coating, performs several functions:

  • Moisture barrier: Polyethylene effectively blocks moisture, preventing its penetration into laminate, excluding the possibility of its distortion, expansion or shrinkage.
  • Protection: The polyethylene film protects the warm floor from mechanical damage during installation and operation of the laminate.
  • Heat distribution: Film helps to evenly distribute heat from the warm skirt over the entire surface of the laminate.

Thus, the polyethylene film plays an important role in the installation of a film warm floor, ensuring the durability, safety and efficiency of the system.

Materials included in the kit

  • Infrared Heating Film Warmcoin Milky white, 180W/m², available in various lengths (meters): 2, 3, 7, 10, 15m.
  • Crimp connector: different quantities depending on the chosen kit. They can be connected conventionally or by soldering.
  • Double insulated connecting cable: quantities vary based on the selected kit.

The Warmcoin infrared heating film is an ideal solution for achieving a warm and efficient environment, combining advanced technology and ease of installation at an affordable cost.

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3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m

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